Parenting Tips: encouraging your children to tidy-up at the end of the day

Welcome to the Friday Club Carnival, a weekly carnival held here. This week’s Carnival is all about parenting tips and you’ll find links to other fab parenting tips at the end of this post.


My parenting tip this week is a simple one but one we use every day.

For me, the most depressing bit of domestic chaos is the carpet of toys that is always present. By the children’s bedtime, I want our living room to be tidy so that Matthew and I can enjoy our evening in a grown-up room which doesn’t look like it has been the victim of a nuclear-bomb-inspired toy explosion. The rest of the house can do what it wants (except maybe when I go up to bed, exhausted after a long day, and find someone has been having a very convoluted game of Lego in our bed, using all the smallest bits of Lego know to man) but the living room needs to be tidy, for my own sanity.

So for half an hour before suppertime the children get ‘golden time’ (named after the same privilege at school). During that half hour they can do whatever they want which generally means watch a DVD, play on the computer or play the Wii/DS – things they are not normally allowed to do during the day. Before they get to do it though they have to do their homework and tidy up all their toys.

It’s amazing how quickly and effectively the house can be tidied doing this. I have to supervise closely otherwise I find the seven year old, wise to our little deal, pushing toys under the coffee table with his foot to ‘tidy up’. I do a quick walk-through their rooms and the sitting room and if the worst of the mess has been tidied up, they are good to go.

So by suppertime I have a tidy house and four quiet, occupied children while I cook (bar a bit of fighting over anything they have to share).

If they behave well during the day they can gain five minutes of playtime. If they do something naughty (hitting, kicking and so on) they lose five minutes of playtime.

The children do have to do chores around the house at other times and these are not linked to this play time, they have to do those chores for the good of our community, but for the quick daily clean-up we find this works really well for all of us and I can get their meal cooked in peace. I now burn fewer things because I don’t keep getting called away to deal with the latest crisis de jour. And I sometimes get a moment or two on Twitter while there is a little lull in proceedings ;)


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What’s your favourite parenting tip?

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40 thoughts on “Parenting Tips: encouraging your children to tidy-up at the end of the day

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  2. Jacq

    I’ve always known Golden Time works well at school, but have never thought about trying it at home. What a great idea!
    Do they have different lengths of GT or is it an all or nothing deal?

    1. ella Post author

      They all get 30 minutes (roughly the time it takes me to cook) but they may have to swap around if they all want a go on the Wii as I can’t spend two hours for 4 of them to have a go on the same thing!

      After a few initial sharing difficulties it works quite well now.

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  6. Cheeky Wipes Helen

    I like it! At the moment I find the best way to keep the house tidy is for us not to be in it (!) so if it is tidy and I want it to stay that way for a particular reason then we go to soft play…

    Seriously though, we’ve just started having a cleaner (with baby no4 due next month and no sign of maternity leave for me, something has got to give) and I’ve found that knowing she’s coming to CLEAN is an incentive for us all to tidy.

    Hope your poorly children feel better.

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  8. notsosinglemum

    Sounds like a great idea to me! My daughter used to have golden time at school before we moved to Spain, so maybe that’s a good way to get her tidying up here as she loved it at school.

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  12. CherishedByMe

    What a great idea, I’m trying to think of ways to use that here. I fear it may be too late. My children clear up the playroom, it looks fantastic and then I open the cupboard. I have learned not to open that cupboard, I’m just grateful it looks tidy at quick glance! ;)
    I’m enjoying reading everyone’s tips on so many different subjects. x

    1. ella Post author

      Oh good point, we don’t have a big store cupboard at the moment and I had better make sure we don’t end up with one in our next house ;)

    1. ella Post author

      For us it’s the excitment of choosing what screen time they want to do, I don’t think TV would cut it for my lot unfortunately.

  13. Cara

    Oh, I could kiss you! What a fantastic idea. Golden time at school is something my 6YO is familiar with, but I have never thought of replicating it at home. Does it also help in a morning to keep them focussed in getting ready?

    Sorry I haven’t joined in of late, I have very best intentions, but we are always at a play group Friday mornings & I never get organised enough to do it the night before. I love reading these (& everyone else’s) posts.Would you consider posting an upcoming schedule of a few weeks topics for Friday Club?

    1. ella Post author

      Thank you Cara, what a lovely thing to say.

      I don’t use it in the morning because the rule in our house is if they are late for school THEY have to go to the headteacher and explain why. We are never, ever late! Or at least, not because of them :)

      There is usually advance notice of Friday Club carnival topics here:

      I’m suggesting participants post on Thursday (or Wednesday) to make it a bit easier, it also makes it a bit easier for me to coordinate the posts as it’s getting to be quite a large carnival each week now. Hope you can join in again at some point, not every week will appeal to everybody, but hopefully there will be something in the forthcoming weeks which you could join in with if you want to, I would love that :)

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  15. Tanya

    Great tip, one I will bear in mind once LLC is old enough to tidy up herself (though I am trying to make a game of placing toys in her toy bin at the end of the day)! I too feel much more relaxed once the toy carnage of the day is packed away.

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  17. JMJast

    don’t know about golden time (my daughter is only 2), but since we introduced tidying up BEFORE her daily dose of Peppa Pig (DVD) there has been much less fuss in getting her to tidy up her toys at the end of the day.

    Ps. Ouch! Just realised I’ve missed this Friday Club Carnival. I’ll have remember to always chack your blog for new announcements

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  19. Kevin

    Good advice. It is good to teach the kids good habits like this so that when they get older they don’t even think about putting away their belongs, they just do it instinctively.

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